Apple iPad Already Jailbroken

That certainly didn't take long, did it? After one day on the market, the Apple iPad has been jailbroken. It was only a matter of time, sure, but this was speedy even by most jailbreaking standards.

The break was completed by well-known iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd, who revealed today that he was able to jailbreak the JesusPad after a mere 24 hours of tinkering (so, we can tinker with the iPad?)

According to him, the feat is a variation on "Spirit", the jailbreak used on iPhone OS 3.1.3. Like that jailbreak, this is a browser-based crack that grants root access and allows unsigned apps to run on the iPad. No word yet on a more user-friendly version of the hack, but given the speed at which this initial feat was accomplished, it can't be far behind. [MacNN]

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