Apple Considering Switch To AMD Processors?

Apple has used Intel chips in their products since 2006 (and things have gone pretty well). But according to AppleInsider, Apple is in high-level discussions with AMD to adopt other processor tech.

In fact, Apple has been doing more than just talking; they've even been testing AMD chipsets in their labs.

How could this be, especially when Intel chips are currently outperforming AMD at a noticeable margin? A while back, DigiTimes reported that Apple was upset with Intel over chip shortages that forced MacBook Pros into a later than anticipated Core i5/i7 refresh. Plus, Apple is now settling for Intel integrated graphics in MacBook Pros following Intel's disputes with NVIDIA. AMD, eager for the business, could treat Apple as a grade-A client while simultaneously providing them with a cheaper product as well as superior ATI-based GPU solutions (since ATI owns AMD).

But - and this is just a hunch - while AppleInsider's intelligence sounds perfectly believable, the idea that Apple would really jump ship to AMD does not. If anything, these discussions could be nothing more than a threatening bargaining chip to gain better treatment for Intel. Well, that, and maybe a parachute for if and when things get worse. [AppleInsider]

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