Apple-Branded Car Kit Found Within iPhone OS 4 Code

Car kits for iPods and iPhones aren't exactly big news, with plenty of third-party accessory companies feeding off the ecosystem already. But an Apple-branded kit, found buried in iPhone OS 4?

The "iPod Out" feature was found mentioned in the iPhone OS 4 code, alongside "IAPSSimpleRemoteCarButtonNotification", "IAPSSimpleRemoteCarButtonTypeKey" and "kCTCallStatusChangeNotification". Rumours about an Apple car have been bandied about the last few years, but perhaps an Apple-branded car kit, which docks the iPod or iPhone, charging and streaming, would be something they consider pursuing. It could even allow the iPhone to be used as a satnav, either docking horizontally or perhaps feeding a larger display.

New features are being dug up in the iPhone OS 4 dev download all the time, with other stuff including video chat and group chat. [TUAW via Apple Insider]

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