Acadalus Self-Levelling Tripod Head

Four years in the making, the Acadalus tripod head uses motors and an inclinometer to relieve you of fiddling and make sure your shots are absolutely, positively straight. Of course, that perspectival perfection comes at a price: $US5000.

Not everyone needs instant levelling at the touch of a button. But for those who do, Acadalus CPS-H1 will do the trick. PDN Gear Guide verifies that the Acadalus, which is made in Switzerland and modelled after flight simulators, levels shots perfectly at the touch of a button, as promised.

In addition to the $US5000 Acadalus studio kit, the 2800 mAH 18.5 V lithium ion battery will run you $US500, a worthy investment if you want to use its self-levelling powers when you're shooting with your tripod on uneven ground. And compared to the rest of your setup, that's probably pocket change anyway. [Acadalus via Wired via Crunchgear]

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