ABC iView Coming To Bravia TVs And Sony Blu-Ray Players

ABC iView Coming To Bravia TVs And Sony Blu-Ray Players

 title=The iView implementation on the PS3 kinda sucks. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s based in the browser… Which kinda sucks. That’s what makes the ABC announcement today that iView is coming to internet-enabled Bravia TVs and Sony Blu-ray players so exciting – it’ll have to run through a dedicated app so it can be navigated through a remote control, making it infinitely more awesome.

Okay, not infinitely – there’s apparently some issue with formatting, so some of the news programs like the 7pm Bulletin, Four Corners, 7.30 Report, Insiders, Lateline, Lateline Business, Midday Report and Foreign Correspondent won’t be available straight away.

There’s also the fact that iView delivered directly to TVs will actually be metered by all ISPs, which could chew up monthly allowances much more quickly, especially if the content is of a higher quality.

Sony are also launching four new international channels to their IPTV offering in addition to iView: On Networks, Daily Motion, Howcast and Concierge.

With so much happening in the VOD space at the moment, this is actually a pretty big advantage for Sony to have, although it goes without saying that the ABC will probably have similar functions available on the IP connected TVs from other manufacturers very soon.