A Woodie MacBook Skin Really Classes Up The Joint

Computer skins are nothing new, but there's something different about these offerings from Karvt - namely, they're made of real wood.

Bamboo, cherry, maple, pine and walnut - available stained or unstained - pick whichever you'd like. They're all backed with 3M adhesive for easy stick-on; they all sell for $US35 a pop (which really isn't bad if you've seen what some companies will charge for plastic.)

If you're so inclined, Karvt also offers an "Artists Series" that uses laser etching to add a layer of design to the wood for $US50.

All models are on pre-order now to ship May 1. I'm interested to see how pretty, thick and durable these real wood skins prove to be in real life, but for now, I definitely understand the appeal. [Karvt via Engadget]

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