A Panasonic Point-and-Shoot, Leica-fied

One of Leica's more affordably beloved cameras, the D-Lux 3, was a point-and-shoot based on Panasonic's LX-2 (which led to much angst amongst camera nerds.) Round two : Leica's V-Lux20 looks like a riff on Panasonic's ZS7, but hotter.

Which means you'll get the same 12.1MP sensor, 720p video recording, and crucially, GPS geo-tagging. The difference comes down to the camera body - let's be honest, the Leica is the more lickable camera here - the software inside, and of course, the price. The ZS7 is about $US350. The V-Lux20 will be about double that much, when/if it's announced tomorrow. [Leica Rumors]

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