A 28kg Remote-Controlled Excavator Can Hardly Be Called A Toy

Let's say you want to dig yourself up a little garden or terrorise the local rodentia. Or both! Well, meet the EC280 Excavator. It's a tiny little monster with a kick-arse demo soundtrack. Everything about this is ridiculous and wonderful.

It's a 1:14.5 scale replica of a hulking Cat excavator, but don't worry about that 28kg weight. As you can see, the EC280 has no problem pushing itself backwards up stairs:

Its six motorised proportional axles run on four rechargeable NiMH batteries, and you get an eight-channel radio controller included in the $US4500 price tag. Honestly, that's probably a reasonable price given that I can't think of anyone other than eccentric millionaires who would want one. [Hobby Media via Uber Review via Dvice]

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