YouTube Caption Service Turns Shirtless Man's Razor Tips Into Rambling Manifesto

Unfortunately, the razor-saving video tip I wanted to show you today was "old news" from February. But! As I sat there this morning, dejected, I decided to click Google's very experimental "Transcribe Audio" feature...and nearly crapped my pants in fear.

You see, Terry, in the video below, is just your average shirtless man with a webcam in his bathroom. He had a technique for saving razor blade cartridges. As any shaving male can tell you, this is a great thing to know—cartridges are expensive and require replacing every three to four weeks or so.

The thing is once Google took his words and ran them through its Closed Captioning algorithm, things got sinister.

Somewhere out there there's a mysterious "he" and for two years Terry's suffered because of him. Maybe his name is Lee, and he's from Atlanta, possibly, but whatever the case may be Terry's been honing his skills down at the Sharpton Shooting Range for 22 months! and he's ready. Ready to protect Miss Clark's honour from this thieving Lee guy.

appearing on him here to talk you know

how we've seen him recently

I've discovered that the that's what he's learned recently for

almost two years

it seemed cartridge

the smoke that Lee

it's really a shame

but they seem to last about three week to heal in a bipartisan of the are workers

in Atlanta

and you're very expensive to replace

your grandfather used the leather strap

and touche the street

sharpton shooting range

you're or is made

something like no other

that is correct

this technique

my major is

but hume but it's scratchy

and comparable it take

the backwards about ten thousand modern pressure

on your car

and start shooting

seems to work

Ive done

okay for twenty-two months almost every day

with these marie

miss clark

only do it

when you won

when you review the place you partridge

it works

it's worked for me

Obviously Google's got some work to do on their captioning service (still very much in beta). It's a start though, so good on them for that. [YouTube via Consumerist]

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