Yahoo! iPad App Looks Better Than The Web Site, But Is It "Magical?"

As iPad launch day draws ever closer, we'll inevitably start to see more and more dedicated apps for the thing that explain the "magic" and "revolution" (Apple's words, not mine), it will supposedly deliver. Yahoo! here is a good start.

Now, obviously these are just screens shots (or possibly bullshots as we used to call them back in my video game writin' days), but nevertheless they look slick and, more importantly, much sexier than anything Yahoo's ever managed on their homepage over the last decade or so (yes, Yahoo is just four years shy of 20).

But that said, is it really that different? I can appreciate the fact that the additional real estate is packed with content, and there's more information at my finger tips, sure, but I couldn't fault a reader who looks at that packed, somewhat noisy app, and says the old "it's just a bigger iPhone!" chestnut just one more time.

Are your fingers trembling with unabashed anticipation yet?

For comparison's sake, our second to last image is the Yahoo! homepage as it appears today.

And as for magical? Not quite there yet. There's not even a unicorn. [Mac Stories via 9to5Mac]

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