XpanD's Universal 3D Glasses On Sale In June

Each manufacturer I've spoken to has said that only their glasses will work with their 3D TVs, which certainly throws a spanner in the works when you look at the $US150 price. XpanD reckons theirs can work with any TV.

As you know, various glasses manufacturers use different technologies - there's Dolby with their RBG tech, Masterimage and RealD which both use similar polarisation techniques, and then XpanD, with their LCD-based shutter system, which searches for IR signals from the TV sets.

PC Mag spoke with XpanD's Ami Dror, their Chief Strategy Officer, and was told their X103 model of glasses will work with all manufacturers of the sets, working by interpreting the signals they give out. They'll go on sale in June, so just in time for Sony's sets, and will cost between $US125 - $US150 reportedly. At least they'll come in 12 different colours though? Weak comfort, I know.

XpanD does very well outside of the US, as they've apparently got the largest market share for cinemas in other parts of the world with their X101 glasses. RealD of course, scoops up most cinemas in the US. [PC Mag via Engadget]

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