Wii Balance Board Push Up Bar Will Make You The Biggest Loser

If you partake in Wii fitness regularly, you probably know that there is only one thing keeping you from having a full-fledged, muscle-building, vein-popping work-out experience: limited range of push-up motion. Thankfully, this push-up bar attachment lets you dig deep.

CTA Digital's plastic push up bar pops onto the top of your balance board, giving you adjustable grips that let you "go deeper than you would if the floor stopped you". I don't know if the grammar there is slightly off or if I'm just a pervin' Mervin, but that description seems weird.

The handles supposedly give you a better work-out, and they're compatible with Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus as well as New U Fitness and Jillian Fitness Ultimatum. You can pre-order the push up bar from Amazon for $US25. Or, you know, you can just do real push ups. [CTA Digital]

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