Who Cares About Impossible Project's New Polaroid Film When They Sell These Amazing Jackets?

The Impossible Project, a cadre of fussy men who've managed to manufacture new film for Polaroid instant cameras, are open for business. Forget the film - check out these vintage factory jackets!

OK, don't forget the film just yet. There's a wide range of cameras and film available at their online store, but it ain't cheap. A special-edition Polaroid ONE with a single pack of film costs $US180. And despite that I was pretty hard on them in the past, I find myself inextricably drawn towards a purchase. (You can find a used Polaroid ONE on eBay for around $US30, though, so don't feel like you've got to buy the new shiny one.)

If you've already have a Polaroid instant, you can buy film, accessories - even these super snazzy Polaroid factory jackets. If they weren't already sold out of X-Large, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

Oh, nostalgia, you fickle temptress! I will placate myself with the dozens of camera applications on my iPhone that emulate old film stock just fine.

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