Whirlpool Broadband Survey Results Are In

After a couple of months and 23,683 applications, the official results from the Whirlpool Australia Broadband Survey are in. Among the findings: Whirlpool users don't care much for the mandatory internet filter, although they also reckon they'll be able to bypass it.

Also worth noting are the findings that 30% of respondents - and we're talking rather clued in, internet savvy people here - are unsure of what sites might be filtered, which indicated that the Government's vague information on the policy are going great at saying "child pornography" but not so well at delivering details. Furthermore, 44% said that the filter would change the way they are planning to vote, with an additional 39% saying that it might influence their voting decision, depending on other key issues.

There's also a lot of detailed information about ISP performance that's well worth a read if you're wanting to compare your experience with others. You should head over to Whirlpool to check it out...


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