What Hath God Wrought, Indeed

Dit-dat-dat. Dit-dit-dit-dit. Dit-dat. Dat. May 24, 1844. Samuel Finley Breese Morse is sitting in the Supreme Court chamber in the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. Dit-dit-dit-dit. Dit-Dat. Dat. Dit-dit-dit-dit. He has a message. And here it is in full-length:

Click on the image to get a closer look of the entire outgoing message. Warning: It's long.

Dat-dat-dit. Dat-dat-dat. Dat-dit-dit. Numbers XXIII, 23. A bible passage selected by Miss Annie G. Ellsworth crossed the wire from that Supreme Court chamber to the Mount Clare railroad depot in Baltimore, Maryland that day. Dit-dat-dat. Dit-dat-dit. Dat-dat-dat. Dit-dit-dat. Dat-dat-dit. Dit-dit-dit-dit. Oh, how it changed things. Dat. [American Memory via Letters of Note]

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