ViewSonic Launches Sub-$1500 DLP 3D-Ready Projector

ViewSonic Launches Sub-$1500 DLP 3D-Ready Projector

Yes, that’s sub-$1500 local money. ViewSonic’s new PJD6251 (model number as sexy as ever) is a portable 120Hz 3D-ready projector, weighing in at 2.9kg. It isn’t necessarily your number one choice for home theatre extravagance, but for the money this makes for a nice small biz or random fun option.

For the spec nerds, it’s packing 3700 ANSI lumens and 2800:1 contrast ratio. It’s HDMI happy and even has two cute little 5W speakers on board should you just want to run and gun with nothing but the projector to deliver the goods. Plus they’ve made this more portable than many projectors by letting you switch off the projector and then just unplug, without having to wait for the typical ‘cool down’ phase projectors are known for.

If there’s a fault, it’s that the native resolution is 1024×768. But then, we are talking a 120Hz projector for under $1500! It supports NTSC and PAL formats and 1080p video, so it’ll still punch out whatever you can throw at it.

The target market for this one is business and schools, so there’s also network remote control functions to manage a group of these devices remotely.

The ViewSonic PJD6251 is priced at $1,439.