Verizon’s FiOS Rollout Drawing To A Close

Fiber optics. It sounds fast (it is). But it also sounds expensive (it is). So expensive, it turns out, that Verizon has announced that it’s winding down expansion of its FiOS network. It will keep plugging away in markets that it has already announced—Philly, New York City, and D.C., chiefly—but it won’t be looking at expanding FiOS to any more major cities. The AP report gives a sense of how expensive the endeavor was for Verizon:

Verizon has faced scepticism from investors over the project because of the high costs. Wiring a neighbourhood for FiOS costs Verizon about $US750 per home. Actually connecting a home to the network costs another $US600.

Oh well. I guess now you’ll just have to hope that your mayor was wacky enough to get Google’s attention. [AP]