Use Your iPhone As Your Remote Control? There's A Peripheral For That

Gazing at an iPhone or iPod Touch's glass screen, some of us dream about apps, while others dream about video podcasts. Others think about porn. But others - like the folks at New Potato Technologies - look at the iPhone's screen and think: "that would make a great universal remote", and then create an R peripheral to make the idea possible.

Called the FLPR (like "Flipper", except without the vowels, see?), the device plugs into the bottom of your iPhone and beams out IR signals to your devices. But it is only half the solution - you'll need to download the free FLPR app from the app store, program in your AV products (there are over 34,000 codes in the app, which should cover all the manor electronic brands and products), and then you're good to go. The FLPR has a 10 metre range, which is about the same as most IR remotes anyway.

The IR transmitter costs $90 and is distributed by the guys at iWorld Australia.

[iWorld Australia]

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