Universal To Cut All CD Prices To Below $US10

Is there any doubt that the value of purchased music is plummeting? Universal, one of the big four record labels, is planning to cut the prices of almost all of its CDs to between $US6 and $US10.

This new test, called the Velocity program, represents a pretty serious price cut, as the average price for CDs has been between $US10 and $US12 for some time now. And if it sticks, you can expect to see other labels following suit.

Of course, this could make physical CDs cheaper than digital downloads, which makes no sense at all. Why the labels are trying to hard to keep selling CDs when people clearly are more interested in digital files is beyond me.

What do you think? Would you buy CDs if they were cheaper or have you moved on from the format? [Billboard via All Things D]


    I'd say they're just about 10 years too late, which is probably right on the mark for a record label. 10 year behind everyone else

      Sorry, forgot to mention, that in 10 years DVD's to will be $6-10, as they to are bout 10 years behind the times

    Although it seems a bit backwards (clearly digital media is cheaper to produce and thus should be cheaper to purchase). I like the idea of physical media being cheaper. It might just made physical media hang around for a bit longer. I know a lot of people who are resistant to this change, not just older generation too but young kids.

    I had a conversation with a few friends the other day about CD art. See I love CD art, I think a good piece of art of the front cover distinguishes CDs from each other, in the same way that it did for records. As we all know the main digital media players like itunes and WMP all have cover art as a core element in the program. The question is what happens when physical media disappears? Will bands and labels still make cover art? And if not how long before the programs don’t have the option to display it?

    My argument was that they would never take that function away, but a few friends where saying that the art is a dying form and that people aren’t going to bother making it when it is really only viewed in a small 1x1 inch format on a screen.

    wow the average price of CD's is between US$10-12? They're all AUD$25-30 in Australia. IF CD's were far cheaper i would buy a lot more. The biggest issues facing CD's though is that mp3's a digital music has replaced CD's (which are a digital format), what we need now is for vinyls to make a big come back. I like having my music on CD's but i won't be able to pass a CD collection onto my children because CD's degrade extremely quickly (about 100 years max?)

    CD's have been $30 for years in Aus, and i have always objected to paying that, considering other countries like the US were paying a lot less.

    anyway, I still bought CDs up until a few years ago - even when i had the mp3, simply because its a good archive of your musical taste.

    I stopped buying them because i no longer have a disposable income.

    if this had of come about right around the time of digital stores becoming so popular it might have swayed the tide a little, but as i understand it artists are happy with the new digital front.

    They are given a lot more say in how things sound (the loud wars) and they are not being bent over so much by the big record labels.

    they need to start selling flac files on SD cards, then i will be happy to purchase into hardcopy again :)

    viva la revolution

    Point One - RECORD - has the BEST SOUND. PROVEN. ( CD has the top and bottom register removed- ala Compressed) . TWO - Presentation of CDs are LOUSY - ( remember in the 80's when there were coloured vinyls , picture discs , audiophiles - and they had an aesthetic value that was somewhat tangible.Hell - one could actually even READ the lyric sheet. Downloads - forget it - I have downloaded one - and only because thy are friends and that is the only way to get hold of their music.

    Will I be going to CD or downloaded- preferably neither ? I will find how to download but ONLY when VINYL returns. Have the record companies EVER considered the long term ramifications of their juggling of formats ?? In 1992 or thereabout I even suggested a 7" digipak on alimited scale - with poster which would have been collectable and -B)made the Australian industry safer from the crash it has endured. With the idea of charging a small fee also to finance a trust for such causes as further LIVE AID projects -ONE SOLE MUSICIAN said THAT is practical. But no- nobody else could be bothered. It would have saved the disruption to the collections and developed our industry. So - while EMI struggles - , new bands tread water in the hope of a break and presses have been chucked out - guess what the smartest thing to do would be. TURN AROUND AND START AFRESH. Incidentally that sole artist wasElton John - nice to see someone has some vision. That was 15 years ago!

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