U.S. Government Not So Happy About Australian Net Filter

Considering Kevin Rudd and Stephen Conroy don't care too much about what intelligent, educated voters have to say when arguing against their proposed internet filter, perhaps they'll sit up and listen to the U.S. State department, who have told Paul Colgan at The Punch that they've "raised their concerns" over the proposed filter.

The U.S. State department joins other big, international critics including Google and Reporters sans Frontieres. But considering how much the Australian government sucks up to the U.S. government, maybe this "concern" might sway them towards the path of common sense.

On a related and far more immediate note, Senator Conroy will be defending his filter on Radio National program Australia Talks this afternoon, debating with EFA Vice President Colin Jacobs, Internode network engineer Mark Newton and Catherine Lumby. It will be great to actually hear the senator challenged by people who know their stuff - you should definitely tune in.

[The Punch and Radio National via Delimiter]

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