TPG To Launch Unlimited ADSL2+ Plans For $75 A Month

It looks like AAPT opened the floodgates - TPG has announced on the Whirlpool forums know that they're planning on launching an unlimited ADSL2+ plan for $75 a month.

Compared to AAPT's $100 a month, this seems like a great deal. Especially when you add in their $1 line rental fee for a home phone line and $10 minimum monthly phone fee.

Considering the biggest hurdle we have to things like video on demand is data caps, this is exciting progress for Australian Internet users.

TPG is pleased to announce an exciting up coming change to our ADSL2+ product range. For the first time we will offer an Unlimited Broadband product for only $75 a month that has:

· No Shaping Speeds. · No Time Limits or Time Restrictions. · ADSL2+ technology.

What makes this even more exciting is that for an extra $1 our Home Phone Line Rental can be purchased as an optional add on at the time of purchase. A $10 Minimum call charge for TPG Home Phone applies. This product will be available at Limited Exchange Coverage areas only. More details to be provided at the time of product release.

Regards, TPG Internet

[Whirlpool - Thanks Andrew!]

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