This Week's Gaming Stories You Cannot Miss

I'm not gonna lie. The news on the upcoming Star Wars MMO isn't very big, I just really wanted to use this picture for the lead. But don't worry, lots of other good stuff inside this week's gaming stories:

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game Of The Year Edition Hops On 3D Bandwagon


God of War III Review: Olympic Glory

Watch out, this game will break your hand.

FarmVille How To: The Tips and Tricks of The Farming Masters

Tip #1: Don't play Farmville.

The Silver Age: Is Valve The New (Old) Marvel?

Neat piece.

Star Wars MMO Pricing Plan May Have "Some Twists"


Heavy Rain Patch Is On The Way

I encountered one big bug during my playthrough, but that was less than most.

The Amazing Bill Paxton Pinball Machine

Next, Heck will construct machines for the three sister wives.

Mass Effect, Dragon Age Creators Consider The Post-Release "Romance Pack"

This is important.

So, How Laggy Is PlayStation Move?

A lot like Wii MotionPlus, according to Jason.

Dead Mario And Crucified Jesus

It was only a matter of time, Princess.

Scrap Metal Micro-Review: There's a Difference Between Mindless and Pointless

Two hours of my last weekend fully agree with every word of this review.

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