This Happens To Me Every F—king Single Day

Some days, it happens two or three times. I bet that you and most of your friends and family find themselves in the same situation too. [Loldwell]


    That happens to me to until I realize that I've been singing in my head for quite a while.

    This happens to me when I'm driving with the radio.

    hahahah yep every day man, every day.

    doesn't happen using to me

    Th-there are no cats on the internet... I reject your entire hypothesis!

    This happens to me at work, I turn the radio off because there are a few songs I can't stand and three hours later I realise that it's still off.

    lol... all this time i thought i had ADD... but then again, maybe everyone on this page does.

    So true dude, and worst part is, it just happened to me right now.

    his face when he realizes it is awesome.
    and then the cycle continues... fuggin awesome.

    This just happened to me and my music is still on pause. Can't wait to do it again. Lol


    Haha!! The worse part is when your ears ache from having the headset in too long...but no benefit of wonderful music.

    I don't know why but it's happen to me oftenly :P

    Yeah i know this 1, very true! lol..

    thought i was the only one!

    This is so true. Happens all the time in web design class. I stop to talk with a friend of mine and forget to turn my music back on... then i remember half an hour later. turn it on, then get distracted again.

    Definitely me, It happened to me just before I saw this. :S


    A colleague of mine used to smoke while he was working. We used to make bets about how long it would take him to get a new cigarette when his current one got to the filter.

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