This Happens To Me Every F—king Single Day

Some days, it happens two or three times. I bet that you and most of your friends and family find themselves in the same situation too. [Loldwell]


    oh god, happens all the time

      I can't believe someone thought to document this and its been so popular today....LOVE true as well.

      i have no idea how anything gets done.

    Where are these cats..... Sounds fun.

    Not only does this happen, but if I leave, I'll come back and put my headphones on, AND STILL NOT REALISE.

    Ha, this was sent to me earliar today. Funny but true.

    I usually only realise after taking the headphones off, walking to the kitchen and wondering why everything sounds so clear.

      Me Too! I'm no longer alone!

    I think this should be in a leaflet for Internet Addicts Anonymous- that'd be one check for me!

    this website is VERY frequently the cause of this happening lol


    I seriously thought it was just me who gets easily distracted!

    I once stopped in the middle of an ending solo, realised i had stopped it an hour later, and didn't feel like listening to it anymore! haha

    its clearly youtube's fault.

    Using padded cans keeps out the other office noise anyway, so it's not all bad.

    would be great if youtube can automatically mute the music player

    I can't listen to music while I work. It distracts me and I can't concentrate. But when I have to listen to a video or something, as soon as it's over, I forget to take out my headphones if I get distracted with somethings else... almost the same thing here.

    ha! just sent a tweet saying i just did that. busted! all the time!!

    This happens to me all the time. lol
    But sometimes I put my headphones on just to keep my ears warm from a/c.

    I listen to music while working, but listening music while studying can be highly distracting.

    haha I do this a lot, my new craze is to get up from my work desk with my wireless headset on (forgetting its on my head) and walking to the toilet or off for a cigarette with it still on.

    Now, that is a norm in my daily life. Funny :D.

    I listen to cats while working

    Yeah, isn't that something... I DO keep forgetting to turn my Nickelback back on.

    just realized i'm doing it right now!

    How hard would it be for a desktop OS makers to solve this problem? If program B starts playing something it should pause program A, then restart it when B is finished. How hard?

    Yeah! It's funny but true.
    I bet we all find ourselves in the same situation.

    It happens just like when you are listening to the radio in your car,you turn it off and when you turn it back on it's very loud it's called tunnel hearing,you get a cut in your finger it hurt like hell five minutes later it doesn;t hurt any more(endorfines)it's call conceptual perception channelling...Dr.Trex

    Yes, because this can only happen when you're working......

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