The Strata Building Runs On Built-In Wind Power

Form, meet function. The 42-storey Strata Building - also known by its much cooler nickname, "The Razor" - will get 8 per cent of its energy from three wind turbines built into its façade. Hope no one builds a 43-storey building next door.

Fortunately, the Strata looms over its current neighbours with enough clearance to take full advantage of the 56km/h winds that will churn its turbines.

They're expected to generate up to 50MWh of electricity annually. That's not enough to power a whole building, but it's a significant savings in the long run. Other precautions have been taken to mitigate potential built-in turbine trouble, including outfitting each turbine with five blades instead of three (to reduce noise) and five-ton vibration dampers to prevent wobbling. The Strata should be completed by this April.[Inhabitat]

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