The Return Of The Commodore 64

Brace yourself, lovers of all things retro, because the Commodore 64 will raise from the death in all its keyboard form factor glory. It will probably be based on the Cybernet ZPC-GX31, although I hope it looks like this:

Utilitarian clean lines, hefty chunkiness, and glorious beige. That's the Commodore 64 everybody loves, not the travesty at the beginning of this post. Or maybe it's just me who loves it, because I still remember playing Pitstop, Summer Games, Star Wars, and the impossible-to-finish Ghostbusters in my school's computer lab, in between BASIC programming lessons and multiple-choice tests.

Then again, I wouldn't mind buying the Asus Eee Keyboard PC with a Commodore 64 logo on it:

Hopefully, Barry Altman - President and CEO of Commodore USA - is taking notes. [Engadget]

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