The Litany Of iPad Submission

The Litany Of iPad Submission

You’re considering an iPad. You’re giving it serious thought. But the doubts are mounting, and you can’t quite pull the trigger. You know what? Time to man up. You want the iPad. You need the iPad. Do what’s right.

Honestly, there are a lot of good and bad reasons to buy or not buy an iPad. This is for those who just need that extra little push.

They’re a Bargain, I Should Buy: OK, maybe not at the upper price points. But come on. For $US500 you can get an ebook reader, a web browser, a media player and a gaming system all in one. It’s a steal.

A New Apps Frontier, I Should Buy: Do you like your iPhone apps? Of course you do. That’s why you put up with AT&T. Those apps – especially the games and the content, but really everything – are going to be amazing on the iPad. And not just because they’re biggie-sized! It’s also a more mature SDK and a more powerful device, one that developers are scrambling to showcase their best stuff on.

Forget About Flash, I Should Buy: I know, I know. All the grumblings between Adobe and Apple have got you nervous about a Flash-less tablet. But remember: most of the sites you use today don’t use Flash, and the one that does – Hulu – is going to find its way onto the iPad sooner rather than later. The future is HTML5. Time to embrace it.

They Got It Right, I Should Buy: Apple’s got a history of sub-par first-gen products, and the iPod and iPhone launches still leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. But Steve Jobs has already staked his reputation on the iPad, and you’d better believe he’s not going to let his baby be more fodder to the critics who say Apple can’t get it right on the first try. Besides, the OS was already basically in place thanks to the iPhone, and the hardware has looked great so far.

The Data Plan, I Should Buy One: The 3G contract is an unprecedented bargain, and even more importantly it’s no-commitment. It really is impossible to find another data plan this cheap with this much flexibility.

I Can Always Sell, I Should Buy: Apple products are known for retaining their resale value, so there’s really not much financial risk if you decide you don’t like it after all. Besides, consider that it’s not even on sale internationally yet, and there are rumours of a production shortage. That means you could actually make money off of this thing.

It’s History, I Should Buy: Simple as that. This is the only product of its calibre on the market right now. There’s absolutely never been a touchscreen experience like this before. And while there will be other tablets down the road, this is the one that will be remembered for marking a huge evolutionary step in personal computing. Don’t you want to be a part of that?

And More: The screen is brilliant. The people who’ve actually touched the thing were overwhelmingly impressed by it. It’s going to save magazines. It’s fast. It’s from a company at the top of its game. It’s the best, shiniest new toy that’s come around in a long, long time.

There. If you read all that and still don’t want to buy one, there’s no hope for you. You should go read this article on why you shouldn’t buy one at all.

And to be honest: I didn’t either.