The Inventor Of The Mobile Phone Is An Android Man

The Inventor Of The Mobile Phone Is An Android Man

Martin Cooper knows a thing or two about mobile phones, having invented them and all. And while he’s owned an iPhone before, he revealed in a recent interview that his current handset of choice runs Android. Guess which!

If you said Droid, well done! Apparently – like most of us, in so many situations – he’s opted for the popuar choice instead of arguably the best one. Or maybe he just likes the physical keyboard!

The entire interview is below and worth watching, but know that the relevant conversation comes a little after half an hour:

“I always have the latest cell phone, and I try every cell phone out, only because people like you keep asking me. Right now I’m using the Droid, because I want to get some experience with the Android operating system, and I, so far, have some favourable results.”

More fun facts: when he was through with his iPhone he donated it to his grandson. Also: he uses a feature phone, too! What I’m most interested in, though, isn’t what phone he’s rocking now. I want to know what’s next on his list. Because so far, Martin Cooper’s got excellent taste.

[C-SPAN via Android Central]