The Entertainment Industry's Biggest Problem: "Piracy"

It's tough being a record label or a movie studio these days. People are stealing your content, all because they want to be Jack Sparrow. No, seriously: they think the problem is that "piracy" is too sexy a word.

The head of the International Actors' Federation really hit the nail on the head this week with this gem:

"To me, piracy is something adventurous, it makes you think about Johnny Depp. We all want to be a bit like Johnny Depp. But we're talking about a criminal act. We're talking about making it impossible to make a living from what you do."

That's the spirit! The only thing left to do is think up a suitable name for people who download content without paying for it. I mean, these people are public enemies and should be treated as such.

Or... uh... oh, nevermind. [Ars Technica]

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    Blame LazyTown:
    "Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, You are a pirate!"

    my one pet love about piracy is this:

    Playing a Legit DVD:
    - Copyright warning
    - Anti Piracy ad (PIRACY. ITS A CRIME :/)
    - Anti Piracy warning
    - Clumsy navigation menu
    - Pointless transitions in and out of menus
    - Copyright warnings (again)
    - Movie Previews
    - The Movie

    Playing a Pirated movie
    - The Movie

    Special features are a kinda mixed bag though. sometimes good, sometimes not worth it.

    I'd have to agree with the previous post, dump the crap from the dvd start up, most of it (logos and what not) get played within the movie anyway.

    I've been putting all our media onto a NAS drive to played through either our media center attached to the TV or through the PC's. It's just a hell of lot easier.

    Digital distribution will eventually come to pass, but the biggest issue here is (obviously) DRM - need one that everyone can agree to and can be used by any software and bandwidth.

    Lets face it anyway, some one will crack it eventually, better to spend your money on making great entertainment then wasting it on trying to come up with more ways to hinder people using it...i'm looking at you bluray!

    While I have it in my head to go back and dig out some of the special features, I tend to ignore them because they don't focus on the parts I'm interested in anyway (ie, they're crap).

    If you don't want people to pirate
    1. Don't bastardize the people who are simply making digital content that they physically own.
    2. Make it easier to get digital content that can played when, where, what with and how WE want
    3. Make it affordable. Digital distribution has got to be cheaper in the long run then physical distribution...but who wants to lose the lucrative distribution license anyway.
    4. Get rid of regions! I spend more time trying to find that obscure tv program then I do actually watching it.
    5. Global releases. I shouldn't have to wait 4 weeks from a program been aired some where overseas to it appearing on my tv here in oz...I watched the first part of V before channel 9 even announced it would be showing it - lost ratings people!

    I don't think piracy is "sexy", I think some people get a kick out of I'm sure, but I don't download movies that didn't come from at least a DVD rip, cause it's a waste of time otherwise. I also don't tend to keep it if doesn't take my fancy (I've actually made purchasing decisions after watching something I would not have purchased without first seeing it!)...Personally, it's simpler...easier to get, easier to watch less time consuming...

    after years of increasing peoples(actors) incomes, now has come the time they got really and delivered products at a reasonable price the consumers are willing to pay. they're playing catch up, just like the record industry has been doing for the past 10 years... aaarrrhhhh walk the plank!!!!

    The Entertainment Industry’s biggest problem isnt "Piracy" ...its the industry struggling to keep up with the times. I dont want to pay nearly $20 to watch a movie ONCE in a cinema with 200 other people. I also dont wish to drive to a shop, battle traffic, find a park, find the DVD (if its in stock), line up to pay, pay $20-$40, drive home, then get barated by a dozen Piracy warnings on a DVD I clearly just paid for.

    If ISPs are copping the flack for not controlling their users downloads, and the Entertainment Industry is losing $$$ about the Entertainment Industry and ISPs get together and offer free bandwidth to use on purchased and legitimate content. (Most people couldnt afford to buy a movie online THEN pay for the download it uses too.) That way the Entertainment Industry fills a niche, ISPs get left alone and have another selling point, and users get to enjoy almost-real-time, well priced entertainment using current technology and systems. Not to mention the environmental benefits of not having 3tonnes of plastic discs and cases in every household.

    Not rocket science people. I'd pay $5-$10 to own a copy of a movie knowing its a good studio released version (not a cam or out-of-sync copy), if I wasnt going to get stung for the bandwidth aswell.


    "Not rocket science people. I’d pay $5-$10 to own a copy of a movie knowing its a good studio released version (not a cam or out-of-sync copy), if I wasnt going to get stung for the bandwidth aswell"

    I agree with this, even if they are making 3-4x less money per copy sold, I would probably buy 10-15x the movies this way..

    But they don't want to change they want to whine and blaim the public for the results of their lack of innovation..

    they also need to fill the void between at the movies and at the video store, some movies dont come to dvd for ages and unfortunately for you, there is no where that is playing the movie that you so desperately wanted to see.

    if there wasnt a gap you wouldnt have the people that watch movies illegally online because it just so happens they couldnt get to the moives, it wouldnt solve all piracy issues but it would solve some.

    Folks, what if I propose that the RIAA and movie studios have been pillaging us for such a long time, and now making us the bad guys! Imagine; what if they were the real pirates. Think about it, how much does it cost to produce something then put it on a media then ship it to a store. I say they are the pirates because they have been making tons of money at our expense (pardon the pun). How many VHS movies did we buy then end up throwing out when they changed the format to DVD. Now I've pretty much gone through the process of upgrading all my favourite DVD's to Bluray no mean feat and not cheap either (for some better audio quality on most movies and I'd be darned if I can tell any difference between the bluray and DVD for others).

    The second issue I have is waiting for new movies to be released to a bluray, I dont know about the average punter but my home setup is more than a match for a cinema (within reason, so why go to the movies if I'm happy seeing things at home?), so why cant the studios release a movie on bluray at the same time as cinema? If it was done through foxtel I cant see an issue? Are the cinemas the only place we should be able to see a new release movie, why are we being punished? I'snt my money good wherever I want to see something?

    Lastly I agree that we pay too much (especially here in oz), everything like PS3 games and movies are way cheaper in the US, why cant we have parity with US prices (and dont give me the excuse about population/economies of scale etc... the bottom line is purely greed! And the fact that in oz we tend not to speak out).

    Ultimately if everyone was less greedy the world would be a better place, but until that happens they will waste their money trying to force a change that will never come. If the world wont bend to your will maybe its time to reassess what it is you are trying to achieve (sorry about the zen slant!).

    i think that is the way with the internet in general , more and more stuff is becoming freely available

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