The Australian iPad App Coming, Will Cost You

<em>The Australian</em> iPad App Coming, Will Cost You
 src=If you want nothing more than the freedom to purchase newspapers for your new iPad next month, we now know that News Limited has announced that they will launch an iPad app for The Australian newspaper in May. They’ve also said that you’ll have to pay for it.

Over the weekend Stuart Kennedy at the Australian announced the paper’s plans, quoting deputy chief executive Nick Leeder as saying:

“We’re very likely to charge for it. We’re not certain, but it’s very likely it will be a paid app.”

The article then goes on to point out that the Wall Street Journal – another News Limited paper – will charge $US17.99 ($19.80) a month for a subscription. You could make an educated guess and assume that despite the fact the article doesn’t announce pricing, News are thinking somewhere around that $20 a month mark.

At that rate, I think I’ll pass. But what about you?

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