The Archos 7 And Archos 8 Home 'Tablets' Each Cost $US200

Archos has never made bad products, but their PMPs have definitely grown less relevant over the last few years. But now? Now two Android-wielding Archos Home Tablets will each cost only about $US200.

The Archos 7 Home Tablet is pretty much just a refresh to their existing Archos 5 Internet Tablet - it's a 7-inch touchscreen Android tablet (or, OK, MID), loaded with Wi-Fi and USB. This April, a 2GB model (we really hope there's an SD card slot) goes on sale for about $US200 overseas.

Meanwhile, the Archos 8 Home Tablet (or, OK, picture frame) is an 8-inch touchscreen tablet loaded with 4GB of storage, available overseas this May. The screen to case ratio isn't fantastic, but the cooking software already has me mentally placing the Archos 8 into my kitchen. It should be available overseas this May for about $US200.

It should be noted that both tablets have Arm9 CPUs that won't be blazing fast. And each will probably be launched in the US, eliminating the need for an import. [UMPC Portal via SlashGear]

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