Telstra's Android Apps Won't Be On The Marketplace Initially

One of the interesting things said at this morning's HTC Desire event is the fact that the device will come pre-loaded with Telstra's apps, like Foxtel and WhereIs, although you can delete them if you don't want them. But if you own an Android phone like the HTC Hero or an imported Nexus One and actually want to use those apps, don't go looking to the Marketplace. At least not yet.

The apps we saw on the handsets today aren't quite the finished version, but they're expected to be all done by the April 27 launch date. But initially, they won't be available on the Android Marketplace - although Telstra are looking at the distribution method and will probably make them available in the future.

Although realistically they'll probably only work on Telstra SIM cards, just like the company's iPhone apps...

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