Strobeshnik: As Close as Hard Drive Clocks Get to Harley-Davidson

This hard drive clock by Russian designer Viacheslav Slavinsky feels like it could fly off its hinge at any moment, impaling onlookers shuriken-style... which is exactly why the video is so entrancing.

To craft the device, Slavinsky stripped back the hard drive to just one platter, which was ground down and etched with digits. Combined with an immaculately timed LED backlight rig (synced through IR), you get this:

As Slavinsky explains, "This is an awesome piece of hackage that tends to impress people. Unfortunately it fails at being quiet and reliable, which is a very important quality of a useful timepiece. Strobeshnik makes an awesome exhibition item however and can be classified as art." We're inclined to agree - to silence the Strobeshnik would be as sinful as welding an effective muffler on a Harley. [Strobeshnik via MAKE via DVICE]

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