Springpad Turns Your iPhone Into A Scrapbook For Everything

Are you one of those people who collects stuff? Not material items, but little tiny scraps of information, be they photos, places, products, text snippets, ideas or plans? Then maybe, maybe, you should try Springpad.

Springpad is a free iPhone app in the vein of Evernote except with a broader scope. You can dump just about anything you encounter in here: photos are easily snapped and categorised; barcodes are scanned and filed; restaurants and stores are identified by manual or geo-based search; notes are pecked and saved; every input field, nearly, is augmented by a "search" option; and all your material syncs to the service's desktop web interface.

Since the app's promise - to make collecting and organising little scraps of information super-easy - is so appealing, it's disappointing to find some interface awkwardness here; there's never anything missing, really, but you often find yourself pausing to look for the next command longer than you should have to. Regardless, information hoarders and relentless scrapbookers should probably give Springpad a chance - it's free, and for a first release, it does a lot. [Springpad]

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