Sony Vaio P Clone Can't Compete With The Original

So, the Sony Vaio P has a clone. Congrats, Sony! Too bad the mimicry ends with the aesthetics:

The appearance is spot on, but the insides are decidedly sub-par. The Atom processor is a less powerful than the processor offered in the Vaio P, and the memory maxes out at 1GB. If you're comparing, that's a full GB short of the original.

Since this is a clone however, the price is really the only area where one could say it "competes" with Sony's premium-priced Vaio P.

The clone offers a 160GB for about $US300, as well as a $US380 model with 350GB storage, 2Gb ram and 3G.

Aaand scene. [Gizchina - Thanks, Andi]

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