Sony Reader Daily Reviewed: Do Not Buy

Our friend Mark Spoonauer at Laptop published the first major review of Sony's 3G-connected Daily Edition ebook reader. Despite Mark's diplomatic tone, you can tell he thinks it sucks.

As a side note, I don't have a review unit of my own to check out. But I don't need to to know that this Daily has the same screen - and screen problems - as the Sony Reader Touch. And, according to Mark, a few more.

Many people know that the Sony Reader Touch Edition I reviewed recently has a film over it that causes glare and makes reading difficult. I speculated that the Daily Edition would have the same unbearable screen covering, and according to Spoonauer's review, it does. As he puts it:

Due to the extra layer Sony added to the screen to enable touch functionality, the Daily Edition's E-Ink display looks somewhat dull compared to non-touch eReaders, such as the Kindle and Nook... We did find that when reading in medium to low lighting we felt more eye strain with the Daily Edition than with other eReaders.

So my chief complaint on the Touch would apparently be my chief complain on the Daily. Anyone who cares about the value of e-ink - how it is easier on the eyes than LCD - should steer clear of both the Touch and the Daily.

If that were all, the consumer attractiveness of this device might be debatable. But Spoonauer had other beefs with the product. He also cites interface "sluggishness" and network connectivity drops that led him to feel it was "easier to browse and search the store on our computer". So like yikes.

Spoonauer concludes his piece - which I encourage you to read - with a verdict that the Kindle is still way better, and that even the Nook is a better choice for people who particularly want a touch interface.

I recognise that by writing this, I forfeit my request to a review, but truth be told, I have always respected Spoonauer's opinion, and given his thorough work, if he didn't like it, neither will I. I hereby wash my hands of the whole Sony Reader touchscreen nightmare. By his word and by our experience with previous devices, do not buy the reader. [Laptop]

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