Soldiers Could Wear Location Trackers Inspired By The Wii Soon

Troops whose GPS trackers fail could be in for a raft of trouble - which is why a British company has been inspired by the Wii and iPhone and is developing a location-tracker based on microchip motion sensor technology.

Tessella hopes its technology will be adopted by the army, which isn't that big a stretch considering it already works with the European Space Agency on similar orientation software. The sensors are lightweight and can be worn easily by a soldier, with their positions detected due to the three microchip accelerometers and gyroscopes contained in a small device.

However, it's not completely without problems, as they can fail if there's a large shift in temperature or change in power supply, making it not quite ready yet to send off to troops in Afghanistan - though Tessella is claiming it should be fit for use in the next six months. [New Scientist]

Image credit: The U.S. Army

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