Sharp Launching 3D Projectors In May

So remember last week when I was telling you about the new Sharp TVs that didn't mention 3D at all? Well, the reason for that is that they're apparently pushing 3D through their home theatre projector products.

In May, Sharp will start selling the PG-D2500X and PG-D2710X 3D capable projectors, which use DLP Link technology to synchronise active shutter glasses for the 3D effect.

The benefit of 3D over projector (as opposed to TVs) is the same as 2D - you can get images up to 300 inches, which is a significantly more cinematic experience. The problem with these projectors though is that they're both only 1024 x 768 resolution - so there's no Full HD 2D or 3D - plus it sounds like you'll need to pick up the glasses separately, which makes the whole setup a bit more expensive.

Not that pricing info has been announced yet. But not bundling even a single pair of glasses isn't really selling the technology, Sharp...

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