Segmentus Clock Concept Is Half Digital, Half Analog

First, man made the analogue clock. Then he made the digital clock. Then, just because he could, he made the funky cross between the two that looks like a digital clock but has moving mechanical parts like an analogue one.

Art Lebedev, the patron saint of cool concepts that will never be manufactured as real products, has applied his unique genius to the world of timekeeping. The result is Segmentus, a clock that uses swinging plastic segments to replicate LCD-style numbers.

OK, the numbers aren't always the easiest to read—this is particularly annoying for those of us who thought that digital clocks would always be a safe harbor in the confusing and often embarrassing world of analogue timekeeping—but, hey, it's art. Er, Art. [Art Lebedev via SlashGear]

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