See What Cars Might Look LIke On Your Next Kindle

PC World has a clip of a colour, video-playing E-Ink display from PVI, the Taiwanese company that makes the Kindle's screen. Playback isn't perfect, but for those accustomed to the current Kindle's slow-as-molasses refresh, it's a sight for sore eyes.

As the clip points out, it might be closer to animation than video, its rapid refreshing falling noticeably short of 30fps. But the improvements will be essential as E-Ink readers go up against other tablets with richer (though perhaps less readable) displays.

We've known for a while that Amazon has a colour, multitouch mega-Kindle in the works, and their recent iPad app was just a glimpse of what they have in store. From the looks of things, it might not be a multimedia slam dunk, but adding these features to Kindle's strong foundation as a dedicated ebook reader ensures that it will stay contender going forward. [PC World]

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