Scosche ReviveLITE II Charges iPods, Lights Nights

If you were comforted by the first revieLITE, an iPod charger/nightlight combo from 2008, you'll be even more thankful for the sequel: the ReviveLite II has a slimmer footprint, an additional USB port and still protects you from night terrors.

Scosche says that the LED light is so you can "avoid stubbing a toe in an unfamiliar hotel room", but if you read between the lines it's clear that these Scosche guys are just afraid of the dark. That's not anything to be ashamed of, Scosche. You can just come out and say it.

Anyway, if you've ever laid awake in an unfamiliar hotel room, paralysed by the irrational fear that someone or something was creeping up on you, the reviveLITE II should have a spot in your suitcase. The new version takes up less space and adds a USB port for charging a bonus gadget while still maintaining its central iPod charging/night-lighting capability.

The reviveLITE II is available now for $US25 [Scosche]

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