Rupert Murdoch Confirms iPad Version Of WSJ

It's maybe not the most surprising news, given the Wall Street Journal's longtime web leadership, but Rupert Murdoch has officially confirmed that the WSJ will indeed appear on the iPad. But Rupert, what can you tell us about it?

Well... nothing, apparently. It's "under padlock and key", apparently, which could just mean they haven't quite figured out the best model for tablet distribution. Or they have, and they're just being coy. Either way, there's no word on what form it'll take or if it'll be available by launch. We do know, though, that Murdoch anticipates that there will be "half a dozen or more" devices popping up in the next year on which we'll be reading newspapers and and accessing other media.

So: vague for now. But WSJ on the iPad is for real, and we'll find out soon enough exactly how... and how much. [WSJ]

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