RoboThespian Can Give Robert Pattinson A Run For His Money

He may have plastic boobs saggier than Dame Judi Dench, but as Wired points out, this RoboThespian "shows more acting range than some Hollywood stars". The British robot has been programmed to show off a variety of acting abilities.

His creators, Engineered Arts, have made him completely self-supporting, with his torso capable of bending and turning, his arms able to move about, and even basic facial gestures performed. He is powered by compressed air, with the control system sitting in his torso along with the air valves that help him move.

The best bit however is that he can be fully-programmed to perform a script on cue, translating text to speech in English, Spanish, Germany, French and even Mandarin Chinese.

Seen in the videos below is the third version of RoboThespian, the most advanced so far - but also the coolest robot you've never heard of. [RoboThespian via Wired]

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