Ridiculously Fast IPhone Typist Shames Soft Keyboard Haters

This iPhone typist/possible woodpecker earns today's Holy Shit YouTube Moment of the Day Award. I'm positive I couldn't beat him on my Droid—hell, he'd put up a good fight against me on my laptop.

The app he's using, iTextSpeed, tests WPM (words per minute) typing speed, and given his insane speed, this guy's got to be one of the fastest iPhone typists in the world. At 83 WPM, he's as fast on the iPhone as most secretaries are on full-sized keyboards (and even sounds sort of out of breath after the test—watch out for iPhone thumb, friend). Congratulations to today's winner: I present you with a full minute and a half of my time, as a reward. [148Apps]


    Very Nice!

    I still prefer tactile feedback.

    When i punch a key and i feel that little click, I'm thinking "hell yeah, I pressed that" :P

    That is ridiculously fast. In the video he says he did 81 WPM (not 83 as quoted in the article).

    Yeah this video is sped up quite a lot. Also it never actually shows the WPM.

    You're all fools for falling for this. Also most secretaries can type up to 120wpm.

    Touch typing programs aren't the best test of typing speed as you can somewhat game the program to achieve better than normal scores. I know when I first learned to touch type I scored well in excess of 120 wpm.

    It looked like he typed one word wrong.

    Regardless though it looked impressive.

    Freakin awesome.

    The soft/hard keyboard debate is hilarious. It almost as entertaining as the vid. Without doubt soft rocks.

    I imagine the people who like a hard keyboard also read physical books over eBooks, just because they like the smell of them.

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