Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: That's A Gas Edition

In today's Remainders: laughs. The Onion riffs on Google's privacy issues; Virgin America's triumphant claim of going Flash-free is sort of a joke; a clever Chatroulette user pranks people into looking at themselves, and more.

Grounded Yesterday Virgin America announced that they were actively ditching Flash for an all HTML website, explaining that it would make the site more accessible for mobile users. The media made it out to be a pretty big deal - which it might have been, had it been completely true. We visited Virgin's brand new site yesterday and what did we find? Flash! So that's strike one. Strike two is that Virgin doesn't really have much of a mobile site to speak of, so, you know, maybe it would've been more useful to focus on that than to grab some spotlight from the big Apple / Flash scrum. Strike three is just us being aggravated by the combination of strikes one and two. We like you, Virgin, don't get us wrong. But your new Flash free site isn't all that you made it out to be. [The Register]

Sorry, You

Google wants to apologise to you, personally, for their recent privacy missteps. They know it's hard being 29 and living in your parents' basement. They realise that someone who spends six hours a day playing Everquest and another three trolling related message boards probably holds their privacy dear. They understand it doesn't help that you just broke up with your girlfriend, and they can tell that you're not taking it very well from all those desperate late night emails you've been sending her. Anyway, they just wanted to say that they're sorry and they're working on it. [The Onion]

iPad Ping Pong On Monday, an analyst was carrying on about how a production issue at Foxconn was going to result in less iPads being available at launch. Peter Misek, the analyst in question, put that number somewhere around 300,000, at most half as many units as had been previously expected. Unsurprisingly, Foxconn has volleyed back saying that the manufacturing is moving along just fine and that they will surely meet the expected output of 600,000 - 700,000 iPads. So which is it? Who knows. Analysts make all sorts of silly claims - it's their job, after all - but if there is indeed a problem, Foxconn would be expected to deny, deny, deny. [Electronista]

MirrorRoulette At this point, I think, people are starting to get used to Chatroulette, insomuch as anyone can get used to a random video chat website that connects people with strangers and their penises the world over. Now, we've moved onto the second phase of this whole business, in which people tweak the largely untweakable system in any way they can to take ChatRouletting to the next level. This four-minute videos shows the condensed reactions of hours of ChatRoulette partners who had their video feed flipped back on them. It's pretty fun to see how people still mug for the camera, even when they're ostensibly just video chatting with themselves. Put this on a loop and hang it in a gallery; Metaroulette is realised. [LaughingSquid]

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