Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Greener Pastures Edition

In today's Remainders: new beginnings. Tim Bray, co-founder of XML, starts a new job at Google (and has his sights set on Apple); several Windows Phone 7 team members are leaving... to develop apps for Windows Phone 7; and more.

The Windows Phone 7 Seven How good is Windows Phone 7 Series? So good that the people who developed it are leaving... to develop for it. Apparently we aren't the only ones excited about the app scene for WP7. MobileCrunch heard from a tipster that seven Windows Phone 7 team members are leaving to make it on their own, including, reportedly, project manager Mel Sampat, who wrote in an email that he was leaving to build a company that would help "big brands port their iPhone investments over to WM7". [MobileCrunch]

This weekend, we saw just how personal the Apple-Google conflict really is. A blog post from Tim Bray, co-founder of XML and new Google hire, makes it clear that he knows what team he's joining - and what team he's fighting against. In a post on his blog entitled "Now A No-Evil Zone", the last item in a list of reasons he's excited about working on Android is:

I'll enjoy competing with Apple.

He goes on to explain at length how he "hates" Apple's closed ecosystem, how he think it's wrong, and how he's excited to get the chance to prove that it's wrong. Congrats on the gig, Tim. From the sound of things, you'll fit right in. [Ongoing by Tim Bray]

Any Clip Any Clip, a recently launched website, helps you "search any movie moment ever". How, you ask, can it do that? With a database of scripts and a daunting system of tags. You can search by just about anything - actors, quotes, objects, movies - to locate that scene that's just on the tip of your tongue. As I sat there, staring at those search boxes and all that data behind them, the best I could come up with was, "I hate snakes." It knew it was Indy, but that's not too impressive. I guess the true test has to wait for when something actually is on the tip of my tongue. [AnyClip]

He's a Genius, After All Last week we saw a lot of analyst's making a lot of claims about how the iPad was selling. But they're analysts and we don't trust them any farther than we can throw them. Our friend the Boy Genius, however, seems to have something a little more substantive. One of his Apple connects said that the 150,000 iPads pre-ordered figure was "extremely accurate", and also said that Apple Stores were logging around 700 reservations on average, in addition to those pre-orders. With just over 200 Apple Stores in the country, that works out to about 300,000 iPads accounted for so far. The numbers are still fuzzy, of course, but still... that'salottaiPads. [Boy Genius Reports]

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