RedEye Mini IR Transmitter Turns iPhones Into Universal Remotes

ThinkFlood has just killed the first RedEye product which went on sale in December for $US188, with the massively superseding RedEye Mini. It costs only $US49 and plugs into the iPhone's 3.5mm jack instead of via a clunky plastic dock.

It's by no means the first universal remote control peripheral for the iPhone, with L5 plugging into the dock connector, and Fastmac and Power A providing the IR transmitter in a case.

The RedEye Mini connects to the jack, and after entering a unique code into your iPhone or iPod it then loads the app, which provides the interface for controlling your TV, stereo or other home devices. Changing TV channels can be achieved by flicking the iPhone around like it's a wiimote, and dragging two fingers down the screen turns the volume down. [ThinkFlood via Engadget]

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