Record Live HD TV With The Updated Elgato EyeTV Hybrid

The German company's released a few tuner sticks here and there in the US, but like cheese, David Hasselhoff and soccer, Elgato's far bigger in Europe. Having said that, their latest EyeTV Hybrid dongle could change their situation.

The EyeTV Hybrid stick is now both Mac and Windows 7 compatible, with the EyeTV software bundled for Mac users, whereas Windows users can watch TV through Windows Media Center or the old Terratec software. It's apparently the world's smallest hybrid TV tuner, and works just like the previous model, recording live TV on a PC which can be paused and rewound. Entire seasons can be scheduled for recording too - which is most handy if you don't have cable or Tivo.

It's available now in the US and Canada for $US149.95, and is also sold at Apple stores. [Elgato]

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