PlayStation Arc May Have A Wii-Style Nunchuk Add-On

While PlayStation still hasn't confirmed whether its motion controller will be called the Arc, the rumour mill has gone one step further this week with a forum-poster claiming it'll work alongside a Wii-like nunchuk.

GDC is kicking off over in San Francisco this week, so if ever there was a venue to announce a new add-on - or even confirmation of the name - that would be it.

The forum-poster at NeoGAF, by the name of Ichinisan, reckons the pictures he saw of the nunchuk included an analogue stick, plus X and O buttons, along with L1 and L2 buttons under the D-Pad. The wand-shaped Arc meanwhile apparently has "one very big button on top" (no word if s/he meant the big glowing globe, or something else), and X, O, triangle and square buttons. The trigger is the 'T' command, according to this mysterious poster - who could very well be full of shit as he's just a junior member of the forums. He does comment that "it's actually long, not like the Wii Nunchuk" - which measures 22.9cm x 17.8cm x 5.7cm. [NeoGAF via VG247 via TechRadar]

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