Pizza Hut iPhone Ordering App Now Available

Pizza Hut iPhone Ordering App Now Available

 title=It was almost a full five months ago that Pizza Hut announced it was planning on launching an Australian version of its successful iPhone app. But now it’s available! If you prefer Pizza Hut’s cardboard flavoured pizza to the cardboard flavouring of Dominos, you can now order it directly from your iPhone.

Also included in the app are the “Hut racer” driving game, as well as a GPS-based store finder mode which uses your phone’s camera to locate your nearest Pizza Hut store.

Naturally, you can manage your Pizza order, from dragging toppings onto the pizza to choosing sides, choose takeaway or home delivery, pay by cash or credit card and save your orders as favourites for the next time you hate yourself so much to order their pizza.

It’s a free download, as you’d expect.

[iTunes StoreThanks Nick!]